Construction Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Construction Monitoring Solutions

Save time and money on your projects with our fully automated environmental monitoring equipment. Nosie, vibration and dust monitoring on construction and demolition sites has become an essential part of any project. Here at Campbell Associates, we provide a range of equipment designed to help keep your construction and demolition sites from breaching any regulations set by the local authority. Our high-quality construction and demolition environmental monitoring solutions will help you get the job done and are both easy-to-use and cost effective.

All our equipment has been designed with the BS 5228 standards in mind. Meaning you can be confident we’ll get you the results needed to ensure you’re in line with the suggested levels of noise and vibration on construction and open sites.

featured products:

Cloud based platform to access all environmental monitoring data in one place,any where, any time.

Monitoring dust emissions as and when they happen, the Dust Sentry is a nephelometer based instrument that delivers affordable and accurate real-time dust measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1, or TSP.

The system is designed for maximum ease-of-use even in harsh outdoor conditions. Deploy your instruments and start or stop measurements at the press of a button, now with a built-in spirit level.

Save time, effort and costs. Automate your analysis and reporting with our online platform. Perfect site solution for environmental, demolition, construction and industrial monitoring.


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Why do you need to monitor environmental impacts on construction sites? 

Environmental monitoring for construction provides essential measurement and analysis of different environmental conditions. The process is conducted to measure both work sites, but also the spaces around the sites, to ensure construction and demolition projects are impacting the environment and the people and business around them, as little as possible, while also checking they’re compliant with environmental regulations.

Construction Noise Monitoring

Construction noise monitoring for both demolition and construction sites is an important stage of the process, which needs to be monitored closely and must meet the many regulations laid out. When working on site, construction noise monitoring tests to see the volume of noise coming from the project as it moves forward, to ensure it’s not causing too much disruption to the people working and living in close vicinity. 

The Sonitus EM2030 noise monitor makes monitoring your site as easy as possible in a cost-effective, low maintenance way. The Sonitus monitoring system is fully automated and uploads all data directly to the Sonitus Cloud, allowing you to access it 24/7 on any device.

Construction Vibration Monitoring

Construction environmental monitoring isn’t all about noise, however. The level of vibration made from things like drilling, piling, blasting and road traffic can also interrupt those living and working nearby, making construction vibration monitoring an equally important process of any demolition or construction project.


Our web-based vibration monitoring measurement system, AVA M80, is here to make your job simple, taking care of all data collection, communication, processing, monitoring and data storage. Allowing you to monitor vibration levels closely with real-time results online. Our vibration monitoring solution is also designed to handle harsh weather conditions, so you don’t have to worry about any storms interrupting your analysis.

Construction Dust Monitoring

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor handheld equipment, or portable devices, we have your construction dust monitoring needs covered. Designed for both short term and long term monitoring, our AQS-1 Mini Air Quality Station is perfect for monitoring air quality emissions throughout a long project. The Series 500 handheld air quality monitor on the other hand, is lightweight and effective for monitoring indoor quality with 28 different sensors, which are changeable while in the field, meaning you can get the analysis you need quickly and easily.

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