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We were delighted to work with Erith Contractors Ltd. on this successful equipment trial, and are very pleased to supply another division of this global company with our market leading NVD monitoring systems.


Erith Contractors Ltd were seeking to replace their problematic environmental monitoring kit, and based on feedback from the Demolition division, Campbell Associates Noise, Vibration and Dust monitoring kit was chosen as a viable option.

Our NVD systems were hired on a trial basis for the duration of Erith's projects at Great Yarmouth, and Woodford. Both large gas holder sites.

On both sites the monitors were installed close to nearby, sensitive receptors to noise, vibration and/or dust - Residential properties, Royal Naval Hospital and live gas assets.

EQUIPMENT (click on each line for more details)

MCERTS for PM10 & PM2.5

Battery power option

Boundary Monitor

Class 1 Noise Monitor Email & SMS Alerts of breaches Battery power options available

ANI - Automated Noise Identification with Audio Capture option

8 Month Battery

Robust, Site Ready

Compact & Portable

Online reporting platform

Secure data storage

24/7 access via any web enabled device


In an internal report shared with Campbell Associates, Erith said"this trial of dust, noise and vibration monitoring equipment at 12206 Woodford and 12207 Great Yarmouth has been very successful, with neither site having any complaints or problems.

Units functioned as expected and were simple for site operatives to set up".

"Noise and dust meters only needing to be plugged into the battery and starting measurements almost instantly. The vibration meter is activated by opening the case and pressing just two buttons".

"The Sonitus portal is highly accessible and visually appealing, making remote monitoring easy if environmental personnel cannot be on site for part of the project".

"The alerts feature on the portal allowed spikes in noise and vibration to be addressed proactively before they potentially turned into exceedances".

"All calibration and servicing operations are completed in house at the Campbell Associates office. This makes calibration and servicing convenient, and servicing will take less time and therefore create less of an impact on site monitoring".

"Communication with Campbell Associates throughout the project has been clear and any queries regarding the units were answered promptly".

To discuss your monitoring requirements or to enquire about our systems please contact us



t: 01371 871030


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