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Building Acoustics

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The acoustics in a building form an important design consideration, by looking at the way that sound travels through and reverberates around a space or property. With contractors needing to meet certain standards and requirements when it comes to their building acoustics, specialist consultants use our leading equipment to measure how much sound travels through the property’s exterior and into adjoining or neighbouring buildings. 

Building acoustics is a professional service provided by contractors, who use their specialist equipment to not only measure how sound travels within a room (referred to as ‘room acoustics’) but throughout the building as a whole. It is an important stage in the building and construction process, which helps developers to ensure that the foundations and exterior of a property are conducive to a well-thought-out space. The results from this process can be used to determine how effective the sound insulation of a building is and where the weak spots are so that this can be compensated for. Specialists typically aim the tests at both the walls and the ceiling/floors which is where noise is most likely to transfer.

What does building acoustics equipment measure?

While room acoustics are concerned with the presentation of sound in space, the main aim of building acoustic regulations is to ensure that any sound produced does not exceed necessary noise levels from an external point of view. This means that adjoining rooms and other properties, as well as neighbouring dwellings, are all considered when testing building acoustics – with the acoustics of a building impacting the productivity, health, and well-being of those in and around the building. The use of building acoustics equipment is typically undertaken by consultants who understand how to translate readings into positive action and solutions, with all our equipment available to purchase or hire.

Leading equipment for the best results

The best way to ensure that a building meets regulations and can be effectively and efficiently insulated in terms of sound and noise transfer is with access to the best equipment. Here at Campbell Associates, our industry leading equipment is designed to measure and test the building acoustics throughout a property or building, to identify weak spots and determine the necessary measures to ensure that unwanted sound cannot be heard through walls, ceilings, and floors. For more information on how to use any of our equipment, refer to the specific product page or get in touch with the Campbell Associates team.

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