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AIR QUALITY monitors

Air Quality Webinar Smart Cities Part 1 by Francine

Air Quality


product - aqs

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  • Lightweight & high-performing

  • Measures particulate matter plus up to two gases of interest.the

  • Designed for short and long-term monitoring studies


  • Construction Dust & Emissions

  • Roadside Traffic Emissions

  • Air Quality Model Validation

  • Community Exposure Studies


The AQS 1 system is modular. Each sensor is housed in a module, and the system is built with only the modules you require. The AQS 1 can measure particulate matter (PM) and up to two gases at the same time. Each module is connected with the control system for air sampling, data and power. All module data is available on the same software interface.

Dust Sentry dust and air quality monitor

product - aer-ds

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  • Monitors particulate matter

  • Reports data to the Sonitus Cloud


  • No subscriptions or additional cost

  • Free web-based data access

  • No calibration cost

  • Monthly billing

  • Range of mounting options

  • Support and set up

  • Maintenance contracts available

Continuous real-time dust monitoring

  •     Cost-effective PM10 PM2.5, PM1, or TSP dust monitoring

  •     Continuous real-time measurement of particulate <10 microns (PM10) or higher.

  •     Compact and light enough to be carried by one person

  •     Quick and easy to install and relocate

  •     Flexible integration of meteorological and noise sensors

  •     Huge onboard data storage capacity for long term fail-safe monitoring

  •     Retrieve data remotely via a direct internet connection or cloud-based interface

  •     Remotely configure and diagnose instrument via online user interface

  •     Optional Email / SMS alerts and FTP data export available

  •     Robust, lockable enclosure with solar shields

  •     MCERTS certified by UK Environment Agency

Additional information

  • Requires 110v or 240v AC power supply

  • When calibration is due we will replace with calibrated equipment

  • Mounting option - Scaffold, Wall and tripod (tripod sold separately)

Important information:

All air quality products do not include indemnity insurance, it is for the user to sufficiently insure the products.


Deals are available for long term hires - please contact us to find out more.


  • Minimum hire period - 14 days

  • Hire charged from day of delivery

  • Collection available

  • โ€‹Min £100 hire (not including carriage)

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