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AIR solutions

Solutions for every APPLICATIOn

With real-time air quality monitoring capabilities, our collection of dust monitoring products has been designed to offer solutions to both site operators, site managers, and regulation inspectors. With a range that includes both portable and handheld dust monitoring devices for inspections and permanent structures that consistently profile the air quality within a certain building or space, our solutions work in all environments and are built for all applications.

Dust monitoring for optimum safety across all sites

Elevate your approach to onsite health and safety with your own air quality dust monitor – providing regular and accurate information about the quality of the air at any given moment. Using a built-in weatherproof system which ensures that the equipment works in all conditions and starts reading the surrounding air quality as soon as it’s switched on, these solutions are designed to optimise health and safety. They are also reliable and built to last. Whether you’re looking for a handheld or portable solution for multi-site management or want to continually and consistently monitor the quality of air and its cleanliness in set locations and spaces, the benefit of our modern equipment is that it provides reports as well as regular readings – letting you track the change in dust particles in the air and ensure that the quality of the air falls in line with compliance. Made with the end user in mind, our tools couldn’t be easier to access, read, or interpret – with the data logging and communications all fully automated and the design and installation set-up all built to compliment the setting of a construction or work site. The importance of dust monitoring Keeping workers and residents safe, our dust monitoring and air quality compliance tools are designed to enable users to accurately and efficiently measure and track the presence of dust in any given location at any time. These results, once interpreted, can be automatically tracked as part of an integrated reporting system, with the portable and handheld models optimising this access to air quality assessments across a range of sites for a set time period as required. Here at Campbell Associates, we offer a range of solutions designed for all applications and uses, with our team well equipped to advise and help you find the right tool for you. Browse the full collection here on our website or get in touch for tailored advice.

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