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Noise Nuisance Recorders

A nuisance noise is one which causes inconvenience or annoyance to those in the immediate vicinity, be it in a domestic setting, in the workplace, on a construction site, or in a public building or space. Local councils should be the first contact for complaints of this nature.

Local authorities need to have robust, reliable, and accurate tools to investigate noise nuisance complaints. Environmental Health Officers (EHO) need to know that when they install the monitor it will be able to give a clear image of what is happening onsite and be able to stand up in a court of law if required. The Norsonic range of noise nuisance recorders are quality assured and come in a purpose built, discreet, lockable carry case with remote hand switch for complainants to press when alleged nuisances occur. The record and playback function enables users to align the noise with a series of tracked reference sounds, to ascertain the volume level, pitch, and consistency of the sound.

Our range of noise nuisance recorders

Our collection of noise nuisance recorders are portable and easy to use, combining optimum functionality and efficiency with the kind of structural build which is durable and built to last. Contained within a hard-shelled carry case with rucksack integration, all our recorders are lightweight and discreet.

Finding the most suitable tool for your workplace or site

Our range of noise nuisance recorders are designed to give you a better understanding of what’s causing the noise, before isolating the sound and then identifying the root cause so that you can eradicate the noise at its source. For more information and specific guidance on the best tool for you, get in touch with us directly.

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