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Advanced Measurement Hire


product - acoustic camera nor848a

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  • Discount available depending on duration of hire.

  • Quick & Easy to setup


  • Acoustic camera unit

  • Tripod stand

  • Apple laptop computer

  • Acoustic camera software (pre-installed)

  • Cable set

  • 12v battery


Heavy/Bulk items

Camera Unit

Dimensions: L= 114cm / W= 114cm / H= 27cm  Weight= 46Kg
Stand Unit

Dimensions: L= 118cm / W= 41cm / H= 36cm  Weight= 24Kg


product - hextile acoustic camera

Call For Prices

  • Discount available depending on duration of hire

  • Quick & Easy to setup


  • Lightweight and Portable

  • High Resolution

  • Capable of Low-Frequency Measurements

  • Single USB Cable for both Power & Data Transfer

  • See Sound

Acoustic beamforming arrays, commonly known as acoustic cameras, enable the user to visualise different sound sources at different frequencies and source strengths.

The resolution and ability to resolve sound sources spaced closely apart, and at lower frequencies, is mainly decided by overall size and number of microphones of the equipment being used. Although image manipulation and deconvolution techniques on the beamformed results might give added resolution, in practise the properties of the array still influence the results. This size versus resolution criteria is the crux of the acoustic camera market.

Users want something that is small, lightweight, and portable, while at the same time having an excellent resolution, and the ability to go low in frequency.

product - gra-50ai

Day Rate - £28

Gras Sound Intensity Probe

product - nor848lt

Day Rate - £7

Nor-848 Apple Laptop c/w mains

Important information:

  • Minimum hire period - 3 days

  • Hire charged from day of delivery

  • Collection available

  • Min £100 hire (not including carriage)

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