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Vibration Monitoring

Solutions for every APPLICATIOn

With the construction industry under increased scrutiny from the public with regards to environmental emissions, noise output, and vibration levels, monitoring your site is more important than ever. In noise-sensitive and residential areas, a failure to keep up with and work to mitigate high vibration and noise levels can create a multitude of issues – from disturbing local businesses and residents to impacting physical and mental wellbeing. As a result, local authorities have instigated a crackdown on such levels, introducing a code of conduct which sites must adhere to in order to meet local standards with regards to noise, vibration, and dust levels in particular. Which is where we come in. At Campbell Associates, we along with our partners have developed a selection of new hardware and software solutions designed to facilitate real-time monitoring, easing the burden of environmental emissions, and enhancing the sustainability of sites while also improving relations within the local community.

The benefits of vibration monitoring equipment

When you are able to monitor the output of noise, vibration, and dust on your site, you can take the necessary steps to minimise and balance the issue. Offering real-time monitoring across your site, the Sonitus Systems Noise monitoring range is designed to keep you in the loop – alerting you to spikes in noise levels so that you can efficiently address them and minimise local disruption. And that’s not all it does. The new range from Campbell Associates also integrates vibration and dust monitoring to ensure that sites act within the realms of council requirements – with the Sonitus Cloud connecting all data and insight to ensure that you have access to results and data and when required. The benefit for construction site managers is that, by tracing noise and vibration levels as well as dust output, you can keep on top of site emissions and your environmental impact and respond appropriately to any complaints.

How to know if you need vibration monitoring tools

If you’re managing or working on a construction site and want to ensure that the emissions and output levels of vibration, noise, and dust are all within the realms of local council guidelines, then our equipment is designed to help.
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