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The Ultimate Off-Grid Power Solution: Solar Power Hub

There is much discussion about clean energy on construction sites with construction managers keen to adopt newer, cleaner solutions. The default power source to date after mains, has been diesel generators but using these produces considerable CO2 which is a known greenhouse gas, NO2 and Particulate Matter which contributes to poor air quality in urban areas. Climate changing greenhouse gases and poor urban air quality are driving the shift from diesel to alternatives.

Campbell Associates supply environmental monitoring solutions for construction sites and are working with partners to reduce our carbon footprint and improve urban air quality with cleaner power options. Our latest innovation is the specially designed Solar Power Hub, model number CA-5546-SP.

Campbell Associates Solar Power Hub

The Solar Power Hub has a high-capacity Lithium Polymer (LiPO4) battery which is suitable for use with a continual draw from 12v environmental monitoring devices. Most batteries are optimised for high wattage use and short duration's, which makes them unsuitable for powering environmental monitors.

The lithium polymer battery contained in the Solar Power Hub offers significantly reduced size and weight compared to lead acid batteries. It is also far more stable and robust than lithium-Ion batteries, which quickly lose efficiency over time if used outside optimum temperatures (10°C to 30°C), which are common for outdoor conditions where these systems are needed.

This battery is charged by the latest bi-facial 240-watt solar panel technology, and this is optimised for charging and powering the device in use, via a smart battery controller. The Solar Power Hub also includes an LCD display with the current battery status, and this can also be seen via Bluetooth on a smart phone app – The app includes solar charging data in real time at no extra charge.

Campbell Associates Solar Power Hub

The batteries themselves will power the monitoring system for many days/ weeks if Solar is not available and it can be charged overnight with the supplied external DC charger.

The system has rugged wheels and a handle so it can be deployed with ease. Once at the desired location the Solar panel is fixed with the supplied bracket and the wheels and handle can be removed for security purposes.

Benefits vs diesel:

• Reduction in greenhouse gas/CO2 emissions by up to 100% at point of use.

• Improves local air quality - Reduction in NOx and Particulate Matter emissions by 100%

• Zero noise emission

• Near zero running costs

The disadvantages vs diesel:

• Power produced by solar is not sufficient for power intensive applications.

• Requires panel to receive solar energy. Panel needs to point towards and have access to the sun for the duration of the project to charge the battery. (Battery can be charged by the supplied DC charger if required.)

Campbell Associates Solar Power Hub with SiteSens Dust Monitor


Solar offers emission free, low-cost power for construction & demolition sites when matched with the intended devices in operation. To power other devices from the Solar Power hub or for systems with hydrogen backup please contact Campbell Associates to discuss your requirements. This system is available for hire with or without the solar panel option.


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