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Norsonic have developed a simple hand-held solution in partnership with consulting engineers that is suitable for real life situations.

The Nor150 system has a large touch screen display which leads you through the measurement. For ultimate portability, the probe handle has a holder for a mobile phone, which can control the measurement. Advanced algorithms in the calibration setup mean you can make all of your measurements with one single spacer, saving valuable time.

Norsonic have been a leading innovator in acoustics for 50 years. Their latest range of measurement systems gives you advanced diagnostic tools in easy to manage packages. With uncomplicated systems, you can free up your engineering time to solve problems rather than learning to drive complex instrumentation. The latest acoustic cameras embody this design goal; a single LAN cable connects to a computer where the user interface is designed to behave like a simple app.

You will see hotspots which can also be listened to in isolation and all data can be shared for further analysis. As a tool for identifying, solving and presenting acoustic issues, the Norsonic acoustic cameras cannot be beaten. We are delighted to announce that Jaguar Land Rover have selected the Norsonic camera for their acoustic department which we know will help them roar to greater success.


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