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Colemans Case Study – Newport, Former Quinn Radiators Wales

Colemans Case Study – Newport, Former Quinn Radiators Wales.

In 2022 Microsoft purchased the land of the former Quinn Radiators factory in Wales which has stood empty for several years. With plans to build a massive data centre, Microsoft needed the land cleared and ready to build on.

Newport, Former Quinn Radiators Wales

Coleman & Company Ltd were awarded the contract for demolition and started work in November 2023. Initially Colemans trialled low quality, cheap environmental monitors and soon realised that the monitors weren’t sufficient for the task. The monitors were consistently offline, didn’t report and did not have MCERTS.

Experiencing issues with low-quality monitors, Colemans Environmental & Sustainability Manager reached out to Campbell Associates to see if our NVD monitors could do the job instead. Colemans required reliable monitors that had MCERTS and could provide accurate data throughout the project. Additionally, Newport Environmental Protection Team requested that Colemans share their noise & dust monitoring data from the project fortnightly with the council.

SolarPower Hub with SiteSens Monitor

Campbell Associates supplied Colemans with an energy-efficient, MCERTS-certified noise and dust monitor, powered by our eco-friendly SolarPower Hub to fulfil their noise & dust monitoring requirements. Additionally, we supplied Colemans with our light-weight vibration monitor with an extended battery life.

The primary advantage for Colemans in utilising the SiteSens Noise & Dust monitor was its automated reporting capability. This feature facilitated the seamless dispatch of bi-weekly reports to the Newport Environmental Protection Team, thereby satisfying their requirements with little effort.

When the SiteSens is equipped with the Campbell Associates SolarPower Hub, it has the capacity to operate for as long as 30 days during winter months and can function without interruption from March through September. This performance is contingent upon optimal solar panel usage, specifically positioning them to face south and ensuring they receive unobstructed sunlight.

Other benefits of using Campbell’s monitors:

• Automated Noise Identification Feature (A-N-I) - listens to noise breeches, identifies them & then labels them accordingly

• Data all available on the Sonitus Cloud, accessible 24/7 remotely

• MCERTS approved dust monitor

• Easily accessible data with hourly averages in calendar view

• Remote support throughout the duration of the project

• Handover/training webinar before installation

After trialling Campbell Associates solution for 4 weeks, Colemans concluded that our monitors were a right fit for them so have since hired 4 sets of NVD monitors for the duration of their project. They feel confident that their environmental monitoring needs are fully satisfied leaving them time to focus on the project.


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