120dB Sound Power Output
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NOR276 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker

A multitude of applications within the field of building acoustics requires the use of isotropic sound fields. The loudspeaker Nor276 has been designed to comply with these requirements and satisfies the technical requirements in the ISO 10140-1:2010, ISO 16283-1 Annex A and ISO 3382 Annex A. The output level is up to 120 dB re. 1pW for a pink noise signal.

The speaker comes with a tripod ensuring correct placement so that unwanted reflections and structural transmissions are kept at a minimum. The rugged cabinet is made of fibre glass and the speaker elements themselves are protected by grids to further enhance the concept.

The low weight of less than 9 kg has been obtained by the use of specially designed loudspeaker elements with neodyme magnets. The Nor276 has been designed for continuous operation for more than one hour at full power.

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