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Environmental Monitoring Calibration Service - Why Calibrate & How We Can Help?

Is your environmental monitoring equipment regularly calibrated?

Noise, Vibration and Dust monitoring data is valuable proof that your environmental protection procedures are effective and gives you the evidence necessary to defend your position should a complaint be raised against site activities.


For environmental monitoring data to have any credibility, the recording equipment used must be calibrated in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. And to ensure the data is submissible in court, the calibration laboratory must be UKAS accredited.

Lengthy and expensive site closures are a real possibility if the monitoring data you provide to defend your position to a local authority, comes from uncalibrated equipment.

Without a current calibration certificate, the investment in your equipment, operating processes, staff training, data analysis and efficient time management could be wasted.

Campbell’s calibration service is designed to make your life easy; we offer a hassle-free process to

Campbell Associates Installation Van in London.

get the job done, and with 4 dedicated laboratories it’s quick.

How it works – 3 simple steps

1. We send you a calibration reminder

2. You contact us for a quotation

3. You email us your purchase order

And we take care of the rest

· We collect monitors from site and reinstall them once calibrated

We can supply hire kit to avoid down time, at greatly reduced rates

· Multi-unit calibration discounts offered as standard

· 4 UKAS accredited laboratories provide a fast turn around

· Digital certificates are stored in your own cloud portal

Calibration Management Portal

To make our calibration service even more efficient and to eliminate the age old

problem of lost paper certificates and forgotten equipment details, we have developed our

Calibration Management Portal. On this digital platform each customer has a password

protected account, for instant access to certificates and up to date equipment records.

For your convenience

· Digital certificates are automatically loaded to the cloud for secure storage

· Calibration quotations can be requested with just one click, using pre-stored information

Environmental monitoring calibration service is made easy here at Campbell Associates.

I’m Emily, your calibration advisor.

Emily, Calibration

For all enquiries, quotations and bookings please contact me on


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