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MCERTS stands for Monitoring Certification Scheme and was created by the Environment Agency to provide a framework of standards anyone can use to monitor things that affect the environment.

MCERTS covers:

· the standards of performance that your monitoring equipment must meet

· the level your staff must be qualified to

· accrediting laboratories and inspecting sites in line with European and International standards

The benefits of this standard:

· The standard gives you certification of your equipment that is formally recognised in the UK and is accepted internationally.

· Regulators can be confident that monitoring equipment which meets the standard provides reliable monitoring data.

· You can be confident that the equipment you use to monitor air pollution has been thoroughly tested and meets standards that are accepted by UK regulators.

· The standard gives manufacturers an independent approval of the equipment they produce, which will improve their access to international markets and increase their sales in the UK.

· The standard helps ensure the public are given accurate and reliable information about air quality.

Campbell Associates offer a range of indicative ambient particulate monitors with varying levels of MCERTS.

To find out more about this range of Air Quality monitors or get advice on the best monitor for your application give Campbell Associates a call or email today.


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