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The term environmental monitoring is used broadly across several different industries and therefore means something different to everyone. When we (Campbell Associates) use the term environmental monitoring, we are referring to the process of monitoring the emissions of noise, vibration, and dust, most commonly on construction and demolition sites.

Most local authorities in the UK require significant construction and demolition projects to monitor and minimise their environmental impact. Commonly known as a section 61, construction or demolition firms may apply to the local authority for consent to carry out works, which are likely to have a significant impact on the neighbourhood due to its generation of noise and vibration.

A section 61 application outlines the works which are planned to take place, the working hours of the site and a plan to mitigate potential noise and vibration impact by best practical means. By mitigating the risk of complaints by monitoring emissions, projects can run smoothly and effectively with minimal effort.


· Reduced environmental impact

· Consideration plans in place to help protect the community and reduce the number of complaints

· Can protect you from further legal action - Section 61 can be used in an appeal against a noise abatement notice

· Evidence that the developer has considered the environment and has set out to reduce environmental impact by best means practical

· Reduced risk for your site to be penalised

· Cannot be served a section 60 noise abatement notice

Campbell Associates offer a fantastic range of automated noise, vibration, and dust monitors that all report to a Cloud; our online reporting platform allows you to access data 24/7 on any device to ensure you are running your project in accordance with your section 61 agreement.

The Sonitus Cloud allows you to view your data the way you want to with multiple viewing options. The calendar gives you a clear picture of your compliance history; allowing you to view levels on a daily and monthly basis. The Project view allows you to see all monitors at any given project, so if you have more than one project it is easy to check compliance and breaches. Automated reporting feature lets you schedule when to receive either weekly or monthly reports directly to your inbox. The report includes limit breaches, daily averages, and peak values of your monitors.

Complying with local regulations for environmental monitoring is easy and simple to manage. With hassle-free, straight forward monitors you can can keep in control of your project.


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