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Whether it be joyous customers enjoying time together outside pubs and restaurants or anxious dogs barking at the slightest noise when left alone for the first time in months, environmental noise levels are sure to increase dramatically from now on. And just like we know the sun will rise each morning, we know that noise nuisance complaints will also rise.

The intuitive Norsonic 145 Noise Nuisance Recorder (Nor145NNR) is specifically designed for noise nuisance monitoring and reporting. It is secure, portable very easy to set up and straightforward to use. For Sale or Hire

It could be said that maybe, once pubs and restaurants can allow customers inside, and our dogs get used to being home alone again the noise nuisance will be alleviated, but maybe not. Because most of us have enjoyed a quieter living environment during lockdown, any ‘new’ social noise is likely to cause a complaint at a lower level than it would have pre lockdown – we were used to living with noise, are we now less tolerant?

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