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The environmental department of Saint Helena Government shipped their Norsonic Nor131 sound level meter over 7000 travel miles to reach us here for UKAS calibration in Great Dunmow, UK.

The sound level meter is used by Environmental Protection, [ENRD] to carry out sound level measurements across the tropical and volcanic island. Environmental measurements have been carried out around Rupert's Bay where there are industrial units and a new wharf construction for a cargo and passenger ship.

Saint Helena Island is over 1000 miles from mainland, positioned between South Africa and South America. Saint Helena Island measures just 10 by 5 miles and has a population of around 4500 residents, which makes it one of the smallest inhabited islands on the planet.

Until early 2018, it was only possible to access the remote island via the last serving royal mail ship: RMS ST HELENA. The voyage from St Helena would take 6 days and 5 nights from Cape Town, South Africa on the South Atlantic ocean. This RMS St Helena was the lifeline of the island for over 28 years, carrying food supplies, goods and around 100 passengers to and from the island, onward to Ascension Island and returning once a month to Cape Town.

Saint Helena Island was discovered in 1509 by the Portuguese. It was an important stopover for ships sailing to Europe from Asia and South Africa for centuries. For a brief moment the Dutch claimed Saint Helena in 1633, and in 1659 the island was taken over and colonised by the British. In 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte was taken by British government to Saint Helena for exile.

‘Saints’ are mainly descendants from European planters, Chinese workers, and slaves from Madagascar, Asia and Africa. ‘Saints’ are known for their friendliness and hospitable nature.

The saints cuisine is spicy goat meat curry, tuna fish cakes, chicken pilau to pumpkin pudding and coconut fingers.

Jacobs Ladder - 699 steps from Jamestown, St Helena to Ladder Hill Fort.

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Images provided by: Anthony Brown, St Helena Government (Norsonic Meter in Rupert's Bay), and RMS St Helena Post Card from RMS voyage (AW Ship Management Ltd).

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