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Our state of the art sound level meter from Norsonic, the Nor-145 already has functions and features beyond its size, and now it does even more. When attached to Norsonic Compass via a single cable, the innovative sound monitor records noise and Norsonic Compass identifies from which direction the sound source is coming. Measurements are sent to the cloud via the Nor145's in-built 4G/wifi to produce accurate and conclusive three-dimensional vector reports.

Noise Compass is a 9 channel microphone, one of which is a precision microphone for class one accuracy and 8 are MEMS microphones for direction. It has the ability to identify the direction of individual and averaged sounds, helping to solve complex acoustic issues in a simple and automated way.

And there's more..........

New NorCloud - A drop box function for automatic upload from the meter to the cloud

  • All data stored safe and secure in NorCloud

  • No PC software, cables or memory cards to connect.

  • No risk of lost data

  • Work smart - data can now be analysed and reported from any location 24/7, whilst the meter and operator are free to keep working

  • NorCloud screens and reports can be customised with your company logo and feel, for professional presentation.

Nor-145 Next Generation Sound Level Meter

  • Extra large 4.3" colour touchscreen "see the full picture"

  • Built in apps for single button set up

  • In-built connectivity via wifi & 4G

  • Listen to data direct from the meter, right there in the field

  • Multi-functional - Environmental / Building Acoustics / Industrial


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