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Campbell Associates have recently been commissioned by the MoD Qinetiq to supply a 7-channel Norsonic noise monitoring system. Activities at MoD firing ranges are inherently noisy and often require noise measurements to ensure compliance and to minimise complaints from nearby residents.

The requirements for this project are to ensure the limiting level of 125dBZ are not exceeded at the fixed monitoring positions, which are up to 20 miles from the site. The measurement systems need to measure down to 1Hz which requires special microphones and preamplifiers that can measure accurately to these very low frequencies. Low frequencies are the key components of the sound wave that travel across the sea to the distant receptors and cause noise events.

The solution is the Nor145 sound analyser which is housed inside the Nor-1545 noise terminal. Secure and weatherproof, ensures the terminals can be used all year round, no matter the weather conditions.

Data from all seven monitors needed to be visible at the sites range control office in real time to identify breaches so immediate action could be taken. Each monitoring station contains a Norsonic 145 sound analyser which has built in 4G & Wi-Fi, which allows these stations to automatically upload data in real-time.

The systems are controlled via the NorCloud interface which displays all monitors simultaneously. The monitor on site gives the marker for range activity and the team in range control know the time window for which they expect the shot to be visible at the offsite monitors – This is over a minute for the furthest monitors! The system also records an audio recording of the event to verify it is noise from range and not an extraneous noise. NorCloud offer remote control of the instruments, auto calibration, alerting and auto reporting.

By deploying these noise terminals, the MoD have ensured that they will always understand their noise generation and has saved them time & money on site visits.

Find out more about this solution by contacting our sales team today!

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