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Simple Cloud Based Monitoring

·No software to install

·Direct connection from Nor145 SLM with built in 4G and Wifi

·Supports Noise Compass – Noise measurements with direction

·Automatic reporting

·SMS/ Email alerting

·Automatic calibration

Project Spotlight - Mercedes Benz World at Brooklands

Mercedes-Benz World is a facility open to the public at the historic Brooklands motor racing circuit in Weybridge, Surrey, UK. It is owned and operated by the Mercedes-Benz Group for AMG car experiences and test-driving performance vehicles. It opened on 29 October 2006 and since then over 3 million people have visited. By their nature racetracks are going to be noisy so it is important that the noise levels are monitored and controlled.

To monitor the noise, the track owners have had a permanent Norsonic 140 noise monitoring systems in place for the last 11 years. The system reported real time data to a single PC in the track room linked via a network cable.

However, the racetrack has recently upgraded the entire system to the new Norsonic 145 NorCloud system. This latest system from Norsonic will enable the track staff to measure, analyse and report noise measurements in the cloud. The NorCloud will also enable the racetrack to have multiple users who can simultaneously access the data rather than just one person at one time like the old system.

Support and maintenance functions will be automatic, ensuring accuracy of data and will reduce not only costs but also any potential downtime.


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