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Meet the new battery-operated Nor282 amplifier by Norsonic

Norsonic have designed a new power amplifier dedicated for sound insulation testing to meet the requirements of the latest building regulations. The Nor282 is paired with the lightweight Norsonic dodecahedron or hemi dodecahedron omni directional speakers to be ultra-portable whilst still producing a reliable and constant 120dB.

The Nor282 replaces the popular Nor280 amplifier and gives the flexibility of an inbuilt lithium battery to give you flexibility to test where mains has not yet been connected, which is a common issue when testing new buildings. The battery is lightweight and will power the system for 90 minutes of constant testing and as the amplifier can be controlled via remote control this can provide hours of testing. The charger is built in so you only have to connect to mains as you would for normal operation to top the battery up.

The Nor282 has Wi-Fi built in so you can control it over a Wi-Fi network or you can set it up as a access point for direct control via PC or smartphone. You can also link it to the Norsonic 145 sound analyser which has built in Wi-Fi itself. You then need no cables between your instrument and speaker systems giving you full control from the meter. The amplifier also has a built-in noise generator with a graphic equalizer for you to adjust the output signal to ensure you meet the 6 and 8dB rules between adjacent 1/3 octave bands – This is sometimes an issue in certain rooms where it can take a long-time relocating speakers to try and meet this requirement.

See it and all the latest building acoustics instrumentation at Internoise 2022 – Glasgow

  • Battery Powered

  • Wi-Fi – For wireless control

  • Built in Graphic Equalizer

  • Lightweight and powerful!


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