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  • New Google Maps Interface, based on Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser.

Note from Campbell Associates regarding Google Maps bitmap imports:

Due to Google’s decision to discontinue API support for older browsers such as Internet Explorer, CadnaA users will experience issues importing bitmaps via Google Maps – this is because CadnaA utilises Internet Explorer internally as a virtual browser to open Google Maps.

Unfortunately, the deprecation of Google’s API is entirely outside of DataKustik’s control but has been resolved with this update.


CadnaA 2021

We have been informed that CadnaA 2021 should continue to support Google Maps imports until mid-August 2022, after which the internal browser will cease to function correctly.

Upgrading to version 2022 is advised ASAP to avoid issues in August.


CadnaA 2020 and prior

Older versions of CadnaA are no longer able to support Google Maps imports due to the above-mentioned API issue.

Upgrading to v2022 is required to continue using the Maps bitmap import feature.


Users with an active maintenance contract will be able to download this update without additional charge and are advised to do so at the earliest opportunity to avoid issues.

If you do not have an active Cadna maintenance contract, please contact Campbell Associates for upgrade pricing.


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