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Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974 is a valuable tool to help the construction industry and local authority planning departments, work together to promote responsible environmental

working practices and reduce costly site closures. To assist with the application process each council has it's own set of guidance notes, which can include BS5228 Code of Practice requirements for noise, vibration and dust emissions. These guidance notes provide a useful resource for developers and contractors.

Use Section 61 to assist your planning application .....................

  • Be Proactive - Use Section 61 to demonstrate to the council that your project will have procedures and measures in place to minimise the environmental impact on the surrounding area, in relation to BS5228.

  • Be Prepared - Section 61 must be applied for prior to commencement of works. Once granted, Noise, Vibration and Dust emissions are constantly monitored & recorded for the life of the project - Complaints can be answered with accurate data to prove limits were not breached, and expensive site closures can be avoided.

Let Us Help - Campbell Associates sell and hire industry leading equipment and software for the prediction and monitoring of Noise, Vibration and Dust emissions.

Easy to use systems with real time alerts

Cloud based, accurate data.

Remote operation with long battery life.

Complete service - installation, technical support, post project breakdown and

equipment storage

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