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Campbell Associates have been assisting civil engineer giants Keltbray with their environmental monitoring with their demolition and clearing of the power stations at Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire.

The coal-fired towers were situated on the River Aire in West Yorkshire, next to the junction of the M62 and A1 motorways. They will have been a looming landmark on the landscape for more than 50 years for many a traveller of those roads. But these towers have been decommissioned and need to be brought to the ground after the power stations closure in 2016. The site is set to be cleared by 2021.

Keltbray’s challenge on the project was to easily and effectively monitor noise, vibration and dust emissions generated by their activity. They needed to be able to remotely access the data gathered from across the project and easily download the reports.

They chose the Sonitus noise, AVA vibration & Aeroqual Dust Monitor which proved to be uncomplicated and cost-effective; a total of 15 monitors across the site. During the cooling tower blowdown in June 2019 and October 2019 additional dust monitors were required to measure the aftereffects. With the level of interest, the project was drawing, large crowds of on-lookers were expected during the cooling towers blowdown meaning the safety of the public was paramount.

The monitors still provide Keltbray with reliable, accurate measurement data stored in real-time which they can use to keep a clear picture of what is and was happening on site. With the additional feature of trigger alerts when pre-set levels are exceeded; they are confident in their monitoring. 


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