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As a company we are invested in reducing our carbon foot print and hopefully get closer to net zero emissions. From reducing our paper usage to solar panels, we are proud of the start we've made but know there is a long way still to go.


Several years ago we made the decision to drastically reduce our paper consumption, like most offices we printed A LOT. Small changes have made a massive impact on our paper usage and has improved our customer experience.

Invoices are now emailed rather than printed and posted. The biggest improvement we made was to create a secure, dedicated online portal for our customers to access their calibration certificates. Not only has this saved us reams of paper but it has given our customers easy and reliable access to current and past calibration certificates - and no filing!


We all saw the improvement of air quality during the COVID19 lock-downs; across the world the reduction of staff commuting to and from work brought down NO2 emissions significantly. So we have kept hybrid working for our staff, enabling them to reduce their fuel emissions with less road journeys to and from the office in Great Dunmow.

In addition to hybrid working we have also invested in several electric company cars for our sales team, along with free to use electric charging points at our office.


Our biggest change has been the installation of 84 solar panels across the roof of our office in Essex; these have the capacity to generate 730 watts of power. The solar panels are hooked up to multiple large batteries which allows us to store excess energy. This green 'off-grid' initiative supplies approximately 33% of our electricity consumption.


We are on a mission to find more low powered/green products to add to our fleet, helping our customers to do their jobs and reduce their carbon foot print.

Reaching net zero can seem impossible but small changes do make a big difference.

Check out our current low power monitors and green power options here.


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