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Mace joins the Battersea Power Station regeneration project with an outstanding track record for successful delivery of major construction projects in London, and throughout the UK.  Having worked on the engineering and reconstruction of the Power Station’s distinctive chimneys, during 2013 and 2014, Mace brings to the project a valuable knowledge of the urban area surrounding the site. An important element of a successful inner-city project is minimising the adverse impact on its neighbours & complying with local authority regulations. To this end Mace puts great importance on particulate emissions monitoring and facing the challenges this presents. 

For dust & noise monitoring at this large-scale project, Mace approached Campbell Associates who specialise in noise, vibration & dust (NVD) monitoring and reporting systems. With, in excess of 350 of these systems, currently deployed on construction and demolition sites throughout the UK, successfully helping to reduce environmental emissions, Campbell Associates offered the expertise required by Mace to deliver the best equipment and on-going support for the job.

Roel Van Oirschot from Campbells explains “Sonitus noise systems and Aeroqual Dust Sentry monitors fitted the brief from Mace for uncomplicated and cost-effective solutions. They provide reliable, accurate measurements stored in real time, with trigger alerts when pre-set levels are exceeded.  Data collected is automatically uploaded to the Sonitus Cloud, giving instant access to real time data from any device.  Our dust & noise monitors can be combined in one weather proof cabinet, so we were able to offer this added benefit”.

Mace ordered 3 Dust Sentry units & 3 Sonitus noise monitors from Campbell associates which have been in operation at Battersea Power Station since September 2017. “The dust and noise monitors are recording reliable data and delivering the service we need. We like that they are simple to use and the real-time data and trigger alerts mean we can respond to excessive levels immediately. The online platform makes analysis and reporting a simple task. Campbell’s support is always there should we need it.”

Campbell Associates provide automated and remote monitoring systems for environmental Noise, Vibration and Dust emissions. Contact us at | 01371 871030.


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