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In 2018, our team took out their drone to capture some aerial footage of the explosive demolition of Barrington Chimney (CEMEX) in Cambridgeshire.  

Erith is commissioned on site to undertake the controlled demolition, and with Swantest, they were using Campbell Associates remote, cloud-based environmental monitoring solution to measure the impacts on the environment, providing real-time data, including SMS and email alerts.

The 58-year-old chimney was toppled by Erith with explosives, a 56m (184ft) tall chimney overlooking the peaceful Barrington Village. 

Environmental monitors were installed on the north, east, south and west boundaries of the site to measure the impact of the demolition on the environment. Swantest chooses Campbell Associates to supply the Sonitus Cloud solution, using the Aeroqual | Dust Sentry for Mcerts PM10 monitoring, the AVA | Trace M80 for vibration monitoring (with 8 months battery life), and the (just supply power) Sonitus Systems EM2030 Noise Monitor. 

Today with new technologies, we can connect from anywhere in the world with remote mobile connections, allowing us to see data, audio, and video in real-time. These technologies can be implemented into small aerial drones, environmental monitors and vehicles.


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