• helen1895


Twenty new Aeroqual AQY1 – Micro Air Quality Stations were co-located with reference analysers at Campbell Associates offices from 3rd March to 6th March 2020 (see images below). The Aeroqual AQYs were set up with factory settings and data were collected on our data system. Data collection for the AQYs and reference analysers is on separate and independent data systems.

The AQY units were calibrated against the reference data and the resulting R2 values can be found below. The results showed that the Aeroqual’s best in class GSS ozone sensor is remarkably accurate, with R2>0.99. Interference-free NO2 measurements achieved by measuring Ox (O3+NO2) by electrochemical sensor and obtaining NO2 by the difference [NO2] = [Ox] – a[O3] proved to work well as showed by the R2>0.95. The exception was AQY 1181 which required recalibration of its humidity sensor after which it to showed an R2>0.95.

After the calibration, the Aeroqual AQY units were ready to be sent to our customers and deployed on site.