product - range

Day Rate - £1-£4

A large range of accessories including cables, tripods, adaptors, mounting plates and connectors are available to help you meet most measurement situations. Please contact our sales staff if you need additional information on the accessories available.

product - ca-1010

Day Rate - £1

BNC to BNC Cable - 20 metre

product - ca-1011

Day Rate - £1

BNC to BNC Cable - 5 metre

product - nor-1408a/25

Day Rate - £2.50

25m Microphone Cable

product - nor1408a/50x02

Day Rate - £5

50m Microphone Cable c/w drum

product - nor-1441-1530

Day Rate - £1

G3110 modem cable

Other Equipment

product - ca-1317l1

Day Rate - £5

product - gras-41al

Day Rate - £10

Outdoor Microphone with Tripod

product - gras-12al

Day rate - £4

IEPE Power Supply

product - ca-4008

Day Rate - £15

  • 10M Telescopic mast

  • For use with noise monitoring microphones and wind anemometer

product - ca-1329

Day Rate - £2

Microphone mounting bracket

product - ca-3000

Day Rate - £3

CD Player and Loudspeaker System for use with Nor118 RTA

product - ca-3010

Day Rate - £12

CA-3010 Loudspeaker unit c/w

product - ca-5520

Day Rate - £5

1 Lithium Battery pack 40Ah

product - nor1450

Day RATE - £2

ICP Power Supply

product - mmf-230

Day Rate - £1

Triaxial Mounting block

product - ca-ext4w

Day Rate - £2

Site Splitter Box

product - gra-am0089

Day Rate - £3

Large windscreen for GRAS 41AL

Weather Stations

product - ca-dav

Day Rate - £14

Davis Weather Station:

  • Battery power unit

  • Suitable for remote location weather measurement requirements.

  • With data logging function 

product - ca-6080

Day Rate - £22

CA-6080 Wind Sensor kit:

  • Ultrasonic anemometer to provide wind speed and direction data

  • Real-time display unit, with a digital data logger for storing the data on removable SD data cards. 

Artificial Ear & Mouth

product - 43AA

Day Rate - £29

This kit may be configured to provide ear simulators for the testing of a wide range of circum-, supra- and intra-aural audio headsets. It meets the requirements of BS EN 60318-1 for 6cc devices as well as BS EN 60318-4 for 2cc types as well as ITU-T Recommendations P.57 (08/96) Series P.

product - 44aa

Day Rate - £10

The Gras-44AA Mouth simulator is a sound source that simulates the sound field around the human mouth at close quarters and complies with the standards IEE 269 and 661 as well as ITU-T Rec. P51.