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Frequently asked Questions


1. How often does the unit need calibration?

The AVA vibration monitor does not need any on-site calibration. Biennial traceable calibration is recommended and can be completed at CA’s lab in Essex – costs do apply.

2. What are the wave forms and how do I activate them?

Wave forms are free of charge and can be setup by notifying CA. The wave forms give detailed information about the triggered event. The actual wave form of the triggered event can be plotted, and the dominant frequency will be displayed.

3. What does all the data mean?

In the Sonitus cloud there are 3 different ways to display the data. Charts | The chart view will display a level versus time graph of your readings. The parameter displayed is Peak Part Velocity in mm/s in 3 different directions (trans, vert, long). Calendar | The calendar view will show a monthly overview of the highest reading of that day. The calendar view is an easy way to report your data by using the windows snipping tool. Grid | The grid view will display all the raw data in a table.

4. What are the power options for the AVA Vibration monitor?

Standard the system runs on 6 d-cell batteries which last up to 8 months – please only use non rechargeable 1.5v batteries. Systems that are located indoors can be applied to mains power – this option is not IP rated and additional costs are applicable.

5. What regulations do I need to comply with?

Generally, the standard limits come from the British Standard for Construction & Demolition, the BS 5228 part 2 which is what Campbell's set up as default. Limits can also be agreed by the council or mentioned in a code of practice.

6. What kind of on-site servicing is required?

The monitor does not require any on-site service. Only the batteries need to be changed when the voltage drops below 7.5V. Alerts will be sent out to users 3 times per week as soon as the voltages drops. You should change the batteries on time to avoid any unplanned outages. To change the batteries please follow the steps in this training video. IMPORTANT
- Units having a voltage below 7.5 volts will have problems trying to make a mobile connection due to low transmission power.
- Units having a voltage below 5.5 volts will have problems in working correctly and may lose their firmware/file settings and will require re-streaming. Repair cost may be involved.

DO NOT leave units, even in storage, without batteries.

7. How and where can the monitor be mounted?

The monitor can be fixed on the hoarding or (brick) wall. General rules for fixing the units are as follow: Best practical mean; The unit contains out of 2 parts, the logger (black pelicase) and sensor. The logger can be fixed straight to the wall or hoarding using the locking clamp. The senor can be fixed directly on a brick or concrete wall or it can sit on a floorplate. The sensor can’t be fixed on timber as it needs to be on solid surface. Monitors are generally fixed in locations to protect sensitive objects from nuisance or cosmetic damage such as residential buildings, hospitals or schools.

8. How do I operate the system & what do the buttons mean?

The AVA vibration system is a very reliable vibration monitor that is straight forward to operate. START/STOP key | Press this button to start or stop the measurement. To start: Just press the button once and wait until the LED light flashes slowly – this indicates the measurement is running. To Stop: Hold the button for 5 to 10 seconds until the LED is switched off. Wait approximately 2 minutes until all the lights are switched off to relocate or decommission the unit. Connection key | When pressing the connection key, the unit will look for signal and after establishing connection it will show the signal strength. The unit will only stay connected to send data or setting changes through. Battery Key | By pressing this button the unit will show if there is still enough voltage left to start the measurement. It will not indicate how long the unit can still be used. After installing the unit – see below – press the START/STOP key and wait till the LED light is flashing slowly. The measurement has now started.

9. My vibration monitor is not online?

The AVA vibration monitor uploads the data once per day or when the unit is triggered. The trigger level is not the same as the alert level. Trigger level | Level to be exceeded for the unit to connect to upload the data outside the standard upload period. Alert level | Level to be exceeded for Sonitus Cloud to send an alert via email or txt to users. It is therefore normal the status colour on the Sonitus Cloud will change colour during the day. If the status light shows RED the unit has typically not uploaded in time. Please follow the following troubleshooting steps: The battery voltage can be seen when clicking on the unit in the Sonitus Cloud. If the voltage is below 7.5 the batteries must be changed asap. When opening the peli-case of the unit the START/STOP LED light needs to be flashing slowly which indicates the measurement is running. To push the data through press the connect key and wait until the signal strength appears. If the unit still does not appear online, please contact Campbell Associates.

10. How do I navigate to the Sonitus Cloud?

On the Sonitus cloud there are several tutorials which will show how to navigate through the interface. Please go to ‘Support’ and click on Tutorial when logged in to the Sonitus Cloud. Watch the video below to see how to login to the Sonitus Cloud.

11. AVA M60 Setup

Find attached our step by step setup guide for the AVA M60.

12. How to access data on the AVA online portal?

13. Which leads go where on my new AVA?

To setup and plugin your AVA M80, you simply need to put the TVL cables into slots 1, 2 and 3. Further instructions on this can be found in the manual.

14. What are the blink modes

This useful tutorial from AvaMonitoring will explain what each light means and how they work.

15. How to start a measurement on the AVATrace

This useful tutorial from AVA monitoring will show you how to start a measurement on the AVATrace M60.

16. Change the battery on the AVATrace M60

This useful document will explain how to change the battery pack on the AVATrace M60 or M80.