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Frequently asked Questions


1. How do I open and save the Nor 140NNR measurements?

This video will give you a step by step guide on how to open your Nor-140 measurements once you have taken them.

2. Why is the hand switch not working?

A. Check if the measurements have been started - the R symbol should be displayed if not, press the START button. B. Check if the SD card is full - format the memory card If the above did not fix the problem, please refer to the NOR-140 setup guide supplied with the equipment and check the trigger settings are correct in your meter.

3. What memory card should I use?

An SD memory card of 2GB is recommended (Transcend Industrial Card) Class 10 speed. We also recommend that you don't use an SD card larger than 32GB in size. These are available to purchase from us.

4. How many audio recordings can be stored on the 2GB SD card?

The memory card will store approximately 240 mins or 4 hours of audio recordings.

5. Does the NOR-140 recharge the 4 x AA batteries when plugged into the mains?

No, you must replace the batteries. Do not store the batteries in the meter for long periods of time, as batteries may leak acid into the meter.

6. What batteries should I use in my Nor 140?

The batteries will need replacing with 4 x AA batteries which should last between 6 - 8 hours. You should use alkaline or rechargeable batteries that are 1.5volt each. We recommend using quaily known brands of batteries.

7. How do I check the battery level?

Press 0 (BATT) button. When the level drops below 4.7v, the batteries will need to be replaced soon. New batteries will read approximately 6.0v. When on mains power, the level will read appro. 12v.

8. Why does my meter not store the correct date and time?

The batteries are likely to have been fully discharged. Replace the batteries with 4 x AA battieres.

9. How do I return back to the home measurement screen when in the SETUP menu?

Press the ENTER button to RETURN back to the home measurement screen. The ENTER button works as a returrn (back) key in the setup menu.

10. How often should the sound level meter and calibrator be factory tested and calibration certified?

The meter should be calibrated once every two years by the due date, and the calibrator once per year by its due date.

11. How do I calibrate the sound level meter?

Please watch this video tutorial which will explain everything you need to know on how to set this up correctly.

12. How to install new software version on Nor140 sound level meter?

Connect the instrument to the PC via the cable 1441. Open our release site, http://www.norsonic.com/release/. Choose 140 version x.x.xxxx. If the version you want is a free upgrade you can download directly from our release page. To start the installation on your Nor140 run the unzipped file 118update.exe. If you need a version which cost money, you need to contact us or one of dealers in order to get new codes.

13. How to install new software option codes on my Nor140 sound level meter?

Switch instrument ON Press <1> <0> (NB! The 0 is not listed as an option in the Instrument setup menu) Key in the numbers given for Code 1,press ENTER, then code 2, press ENTER and then code 3 to enable the corresponding options Leave the menu by pressing ENTER. The instrument will then restart Start using the instrument, or switch OFF

14. How to download your Nor 140 measurement in NorXfer

This video will explain simply how to download your Nor 140 measurements in NorXfer.