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Norsonic are experts in the field of acoustics supplying sound level meters, calibrators, building acoustics equipment, analysis software and more.

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The AVA Monitoring System is based on more than 40 years' experience of measurements and a genuine passion for technical innovation. The fully automated measurement system. Every ground vibration can be registered and the smallest geotechnical parameters can be measured automatically.

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Aeroqual is leading the move towards sensor-based air quality monitoring, a technology and market shift that promises to deliver better air quality for governments, industry, and citizens alike.

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DataKustik software for calculation and prediction of environmental noise, interior noise and building acoustics.



Topsonic Systemhaus GmbH is manufacturer of aircraft noise monitoring systems, environmental systems and flight and track analysis systems.

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   Sonitus Systems provide user-friendly and reliable noise monitoring systems, one of the best online systems.  

CVK supply a range of equipmnt that monitors the effect of vibration on the human body. Specialising in HAV (Hand Arm Vibration) and WBV (Whole body Vibration).

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Metra has been developing and manufacturing vibration measurement equipment for over a half-century. The product range includes piezoelectric accelerometers, charge amplifiers, vibration calibrators and machine monitoring equipment.

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