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Particulate Matter - Why do we monitor it?

19 September 2018

Our health is incredibly important to us; without it we have nothing. If we can prevent ourselves from becoming unwell, wouldn’t we all take that opportunity? With increasing construction works... Read more

Norsonic Hextile - New Acoustic Camera

17 September 2018

Acoustic beamforming arrays, commonly known as acoustic cameras, enable the user to visualise different sound sources at different frequencies and source strengths. The number of microphones and... Read more

Dodecahedron Speaker Verification

14 September 2018

Dodecahedron Speaker Verification Generation of sound fields for both sound transmission and reverberation time is an essential element of building acoustics.   It is important that... Read more

Peak Particle Velocity - Why do we monitor it?

07 September 2018

With increasing activities in and around our cities the importance of vibration has become a prominent feature. You might have heard of PPV, but what exactly is it and how does that affect us and our... Read more

Calibration from St Helena

17 August 2018

It's not everyday you receive a Norsonic sound level meter that has travelled from one most remote islands in the world... Saint Helena Island The environmental department of Saint Helena... Read more

Wembly City - Case Study - Aeroqual

17 July 2018

THE CUSTOMER:  John Sisk & Son, member of the SISK Group, is a fifth-generation family-owned international construction company. The Group employs 1,500 people in the UK, Ireland, Europe and... Read more

Calibrating Noise, Vibration, Dust equipment

04 July 2018

By calibrating your instruments, you are ensuring that the accuracy of the data they produce is maintained. Overtime measuring devices degrade slightly from general wear and tear but by calibrating... Read more

Acoustic Cup 2018

19 June 2018

Another fantastic year for our annual Acoustic Cup!  This year we were raising money for Prostate Cancer UK and we managed to raise in excess of £2700, so a massive thank you to everyone... Read more

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