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Sonitus Newsletter 2019

09 May 2019

  Read our latest edition of the Sonitus newsletter, including new products and interesting case studies.

Barrington Chimney Demolition

21 December 2018

Barrington has long been an important manufacturer of bricks and cement; there were already four brick-makers by the 1840s. The Prime family opened the Shepreth road brickworks by 1876 which changed... Read more

Particulate Matter - Why do we monitor it?

19 September 2018

Our health is incredibly important to us; without it we have nothing. If we can prevent ourselves from becoming unwell, wouldn’t we all take that opportunity? With increasing construction works... Read more

Norsonic Hextile - New Acoustic Camera

17 September 2018

Acoustic beamforming arrays, commonly known as acoustic cameras, enable the user to visualise different sound sources at different frequencies and source strengths. The number of microphones and... Read more

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