Vibration Monitors

Product - nor-1286

Day Rate - £5

  • Designed for whole body measurements according to ISO 2631 and ISO 8041.

  • Suitable for use with either the Nor-133 or Nor-136 vibration meters 

Product - nor-1287

Day Rate - £5

The Tri-Axial Hand Arm Accelerometer Kit


  • Nominal sensitivity 1 mV/ms-2 Individually calibrated in each axis.

  • Mount with Nor1291 Handle Adapter Plate via plastic tie wraps.

product - nor-1292

Day Rate - £13

NOR-1292 Geophone

  • Seismic pickup for the measurement and analysis of ground borne vibration levels.

product - mmf-729

Day Rate - £3

The MMF-729 Tripod Mounting Plate

  • Designed for measuring floor vibration in buildings using piezoelectric accelerometers

Vibration Meters

product - nor-140vib

Day Rate - £33

  • The Nor-140 is a precision single channel sound analyser with vibration options 

  • Provides real time 1/3 octaves.

  • Additional display of narrow band FFT results.

  • Two transducer options are available to cover either structural vibration or general purpose machinery and human vibration applications. 

product - nor-133

Day Rate £30

  • The Precision Vibration Meter Nor133 is designed in accordance with ISO 8041. 

  • 3 channel analyser.

  • Well suited for measurement of whole body and hand-arm vibration measurements. 

product - nor-ks823b

Day Rate - £17

  • High sensitivity (50 mV/ms-2) IEPE accelerometer for the measurement of vibration in buildings (BS ISO 4866, DIN 45669 etc.)

  • Weather protection to IP67

  • Fitted with Binder 718 connectors to suit Nor-133 and 136 vibration meters as well as a 3 * BNC break out patch cable.

Vibrock Seismograph

product - vib-901-1

Day Rate - £25

  • Digital Seismograph for measurement of structural vibration levels of PPV

  • Option to add a second transducer to measure VDV (vibration dose values). 

product - vib901-2

Day Rate - £33

  • Dual channel Digital Seismograph for measurement of structural vibration levels of PPV and VDV (vibration dose values).

product - vib-v801-01

Day Rate - £5

Vibrock Alarm - 2 stage audible and visual warning device

product - vib-v901

Day Rate - £8

Vibrock digital seismograph - 3 axis

Important information

  • Minimum hire period - 5 days (3 day minimum hire period for Building Acoustic kits)

  • Hire charged from day of delivery

  • Delivery by 10:30AM

  • Collection available

Indemnity Insurance is available for accidental damage and loss due to theft. Subject to the terms and conditions of both our hire agreement and indemnity insurance.