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Calibration FAQ's

How long does calibration take?

We work on an 5 -7  working day turn around period, however this can fluctuate during busy periods. Please ask for our current turn around when you contact us for calibration.

How do I get my equipment to you?

We offer a 48 hour collection and return carriage for the fixed price of £35.00 on all calibration work.

How much does calibration cost?

Prices vary depending on your choice of calibration and what it is you are having calibrated. For a full and accurate quote please contact our team who can provide you with a personalised quote.

Are there choices of calibration?

We are proud to be able to offer UKAS calibration of several types of equipment, alternatively we also offer a fantastic traceable calibration which is tested against national standards.

What equipment do we calibrate?

We calibrate a vast range of equipment, if you are unsure if we would calibrate yours please contact us to find out. If we can't help we will always try our best to suggest someone that can.

Do we repair equipment?

We do offer a repairs service, if your equipment needs repairs please give our technical sales team a call today to discuss.

I've lost my certificate; can you send me a copy?

To provide duplicate certificates/results we must interrupt the normal calibration workflow to reload the instruments stored data onto the calibration system. To that end, if you need a replacement PDF copy we do charge £20 which we will then send to you via email.

How often should I get my equipment calibrated?

Under the normal noise measurement standards, the maximum calibration interval for test equipment is:

  • Sound Level Meters – every 24 months
  • Sound Calibrators – every 12 months

These periods are the recommended maximum intervals but it is the user’s responsibility to decide the calibration interval for each piece of equipment. Most customer’s stay with these recommended periods.



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