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CA-3055 Headphone Amplifier

Product Code: CA3055

The CA-3055 Headphone amplifier is ideal for day to day reviewing of Noise Nuisance Measurements. It has also been used successfully for audio playback in court cases.

For the professional playback of noise nuisance audio recordings

Replaying your audio recordings from noise nuisance investigations has been made easier with the CA-3055 headphone distribution amplifier. The amplifier enables you to connect up to 4 sets of headphones for high quality playback of audio. The system is supplied with closed cup headphones to reduce the impact of background noise from your office when reviewing measurements. This helps you to focus on the recordings collected.

Calibrated playback of audio

With the internal calibration tone which can be made on the Norsionic 140 sound level meter; headphones can be calibrated using the GRAS 43AA artificial ear. This ensures the audio you are listening to is being played back at the correct level.

Playback in court

Replaying audio recordings in a courtroom can be problematic but is invaluabloe in supporting your noise nuisance cases. It is hard for adjudicating officials to appreciate audio through speakers in large spaces were there will be background noise. Playback through multiple sets of headphones enables the users to concentrate fully on the high quality audio files.

  • Playback of audio from noise nuisance cases
  • Connect up to 4 headsets
  • Quality closed-cupped headphons for audio playback
  • Individual and master control
  • Calibrated playback when used with the Norsonic 140 and 43AA artificial ear
  • Pease of mind that volumes correct
  • Suitable for playback to Jury

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