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Accurate Nitrogen Dioxide Data straight from the Sensor System

03 January 2019

New Aeroqual AQY – Micro Air Quality Station


The AQY provides you with data for the key problem pollutants found in urban areas across the UK. The monitor will measure NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), O3 (Ozone) PM (particulate matter), Temperature and Humidity.


How does the AQY perform better than other low cost systems?

The AQY uses an accurate electrochemical sensor for measuring NO2, which is standard for such systems.  However, unlike other apparently similar systems, Aeroqual use their own patented GSS Ozone sensor to measure and correct for ozone. This is both accurate and free from cross interferences from other gases.  The AQY can therefore us accurate data for ozone to accurately correct for ozone cross-response on the NO2 sensor for the whole life of the sensor. This also allows correction of data within the AQY without reliance of cloud servers to calculate quality data.

All new systems are provided with calibration certificates.  Dual calibration of PM2.5 and PM10 to NIST traceable standard and true NO2 factory calibration provides scientifically valid measurements.

Several field studies are ongoing around the globe and the AQY continues to outperform equivalent systems.


Results from a field evaluation by AQ-SPEC (Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center) in L.A. compared data from the AQY (v0.5) to that of Federal Reference Methods (FRM) and Federal Equivalent Methods (FEM).


AQ-SPEC summary:

  • Ozone (O3) sensors showed an excellent correlation with a more expensive instrument: R2 >0.95 (95%)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensors showed a very good correlation with a more expensive instrument: R2 >0.74 and high accuracy
  • Particulate Matter (PM2.5) sensors showed a very good correlation with more expensive instruments: GRIMM R2 >0.84 and BAM R2 >0.83 and high accuracy
  • Temperature and relative humidity sensors showed excellent correlation with SCAQMD Met Station sensors: temperature R2 >0.91 and relative humidity R2 >0.94

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