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Calibration information


Our calibration laboratory works on all makes and models offering swift turnaround without compromising accuracy. Both UKAS Accredited and Traceable calibration services are offered for sound level meters and sound calibrators. All of these calibrations are undertaken in a quality controlled environment to ensure that published uncertainties are maintained.

In addition to the calibration of sound level meters and sound calibrators we also calibrate:

  • Tapping Machines
  • Vibration Calibrators
  • Microphones
  • Pre-amplifiers
  • Ear Simulators

Calibration Methods

Calibrations are carried out against the relevant standard that the equipment has been manufactured to meet. The test equipment used in the calibration process has been calibrated externally by a national accredited laboratory and has full traceability. The calibration process is control by internal procedures. This is the standard calibration process and is called a Traceable Calibration.

UKAS Calibrations are carried out to conform to the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 calibration standard. Under this standard the requirements are slightly different and our procedures and calibration process are audited and accredited by UKAS. The UKAS calibration certificate issue under this process is a legal metrology document and can be use in a court case as proof of the test equipment calibration status.

Calibration Options

Under a standard calibration of the Sound Level Meter only the basic measurement functions are calibrated and this covers most on the requirements for general noise measurements.

In building approval testing however, frequency analysis and reverberation time data needs to be reported, to provide this data the Sound Level Meter has to be equipped with filters (octave and 1/3 octave bands) and the reverberation time (RT) calculation functions. These functions are not calibrated in a standard sound level meter calibration and are charged as an extra if required.

Calibration Interval

Under the normal noise measurement standards the maximum calibration interval for test equipment is:

  • Sound Level Meters - every 24 months
  • Sound Calibrators - every 12 months

These periods are the recommended maximum intervals but it is the user’s responsibility to decide the calibration interval for each piece of equipment. Most customers stay with these recommended periods.

We also offer a 48 hour collection and return carriage for the fixed price of £35.00 on all calibration work.

Our calibration team will support you with any questions, please call us on 01371 871030 to book your device or check compatibility.

Cailbration certificates

In order to provide duplicate certificates / results we have to interrupt the normal calibration workflow to reload the instrument's stored data on to the calibration system.

If you would like a PDF copy of your calibration certificate there will be a charge of £20 for a copy via email.

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